This is my first shot at temari, and it was a real learning experience! The center is a 3″ styrofoam ball and it’s wrapped in black sewing thread.
I didn’t use any yarn, so it felt like I was wrapping forever. I just didn’t know when I should stop, so when I got tired and I couldn’t see the styrofoam anymore, I stopped. It turned out it was a bit short because I could feel my needle go through the styrofoam when I escaped the thread, but generally it worked anyway. Now I push my needle into the ball at a perpendicular angle until I feel it hit the styrofoam, pinch it between my fingers where the thread ends, and pull it out. That way I know how much is on there.

I didn’t have a clue as to how wide I was supposed to make the stitches near the poles. I discovered while I was working the temari that the design got really fat if I didn’t use the stitches to tighten up the previous stitches. I stitched the white sections first, so you can see how wide they are. Then I did the salmon sections and pulled the threads near the pole tighter. That sure worked better!

I haven’t had the nerve to do another ball similar to this one yet, but I think it’s time. I was not pleased when this one was done, but I was hooked!

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