Antique Shuttles

When my ex-husband’s grandmother died, the last thing I expected was to receive anything from her, even though we had always been on good terms. I was overjoyed when he brought me her tatting basket with these beautiful shuttles and lots of tatting thread in it! I’m sure I was given her tatting because I am the only person the family knows who tats.

The top shuttle is celluloid, and the bottom shuttle, as far as I know, is silver. They’re both in perfect condition.

She was an interesting lady. Until her death, she lived in a wonderful log house with an old-fashioned stove. She tatted, sewed, braided rugs, and made the most incredible quilts I’ve seen for years. The rugs in her living room were about five or six feet across, and she’d made them out of polyester double-knit. You’d think they’d be really ugly, but they were beautiful! And they never wore out.

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