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For the last ten years, I’ve been creating a new tatting pattern once a month for the Be-stitchedstore newsletter,  During that time, I have posted many of them here for anybody to enjoy.  I hope you do!

I would be delighted if you were to tell your friends about my designs, and if you send them to my site.  Please feel free to post pictures of your finished work on your site or blog.  If you were to add a link back to the pattern, I would be grateful, but you don’t have to. You can also send the photo to me, and I’ll post it here.  If you want to tat any of these designs and sell your finished tatting, please feel free to do so.  Please contact me if you want to use my designs as part of a tatting class you are teaching.

Designing and writing out a pattern takes a lot of my time and energy.  Please respect my efforts by not calling my designs your own or by posting the pattern on your site or any other site.  Please post a link to my pattern instead. These designs are copyrighted, so if you do repost or claim them, you are not only hurting me, you are breaking the law.  This includes large corporations  (JoAnn).

If you have any questions at all about how you can use these patterns, please email me at nancy @


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Tatted Bookmark

This is one of my first attempts at designing. I wanted a bookmark that would look something like a miniature doily, but that would go together rather quickly. This was on my original site tatted in white #40 crochet cotton. This model is red #30 Cebelia. Cebelia is a much nicer thread than the crochet […]

Heather Tatted Edging

To add a bead, make the picot which will receive the join slightly longer than the diameter of the bead. When you’re ready to join, pull the picot through the bead with a small crochet hook and complete the join as usual. Printable pattern (83K. Opens a new window.) Patterns are available for download as […]

Purple Peony Tatted Earrings

Instructions: ds double stitch R ring p picot j join Ch Chain     This design used two 5mm turquoise-colored beads, 20 gold seed beads, tatting thread size 20, and 2 gold-tone jewelry findings. Wind 1.5 yards of thread onto a shuttle. Add 7 seed beads onto the thread. You will start with a ring. Be […]

Tatted Berries

Summer in Colorado brings fresh strawberries to the stores and to the mountains. I designed three berries to celebrate summer here–a raspberry, a wild strawberry, and a domestic strawberry. Wouldn’t these look great on the collar of a denim shirt? These are beginner-level 1- and 2-shuttle patterns using simple rings and chains. They were tatted […]

Spring Snow Tatted Sun Catcher

Last week here in Colorado we had one of our surprise spring snowstorms. The day before was a beautiful spring day, but we woke to big snowflakes and wind. We had about one foot of snow on the ground that morning, but by afternoon, it had melted down to 3″. That’s spring in Colorado! I […]

Penny Baby Card

This is a fun card for a new mother and her baby. Find a shiny, new penny (or other appropriate coin) that was minted in the year the baby was born. Inside the card, add the verse below, or any other you may like. You can find more at or Stork Avenue if you’d […]

Tatted Ice Cream Cone

It’s been a hot summer in Colorado. Earlier this month, I was hot and was trying to talk myself out of cooling down with some ice cream. Then it hit me–why not tat an ice cream cone instead? So I did, and saved myself a bunch of calories in the process! This is an intermediate-level […]

Tatted Necklace and Earrings

Tatting with black is a fun challenge for me. I love the elegant look, especially when I use very few picots. Here is a necklace and earring set using black DMC Cebelia and seed beads. I hope you enjoy it! The shoelace trick is a crucial part of this pattern. To do the shoelace trick, […]

Tatted Computer-Down-Time Bookmark

Recently at work my computer died. I mean really died. And since my entire job is done on the computer, I had no work to do. So I asked a friend of mine there who tats if she had any shuttles. No sense in wasting time! She had this fun black and white variegated thread […]

Tatted 10 Point Snowflake

We’ve all heard of writer’s block. Well, this month I had “designer’s block”. I’d planned on creating a Christmas-y design and just couldn’t get my mind around it. So I went back to my favorite form of tatting and designed a snowflake. I love the old way of tatting and the old uses for it. […]

Pretty Kitty

I made this fun little kitty as a Christmas ornament for a friend. She has two cats that she seems to really enjoy, and I thought she’d like one for her tree, too. This pattern was tatted with size 30 DMC Cebelia thread. Completed size is about 1.5 inches tall. This is a beginner-level 1-shuttle […]

Summer Daisy Sun Catcher

This little sun catcher now hangs in my kitchen window. It’s been a delight for me to have it there–just a little something else to look at while I’m working. This is a great pattern for a beginner who is becoming more comfortable and wants to try something new, too. Josephine Knots, like the ones […]

Sunshine Edging

Now that it’s spring here and we have more sunlight, and because this is such a bright, happy edging, it reminds me of sunshine. This is a very flexible edging, so you can put it on a straight edge or a rounded one such as this 4″ cotton doily. As you can see, I haven’t […]

Fan Stack Bookmark

Here’s a quick, fun bookmark. This 1-shuttle pattern is made of as many “fans” as you wish to add. You can make this bookmark as long as you wish, just keep adding fans. Each row represents one fan, and is just five rings long. I’ve found that this design is best done in more than […]

Tatted Barrette

This month’s pattern is very simple, although it looks like it’s not. This barrette is done with only rings with beads at the joins, then the whole length is scrunched together and glued to a purchased barrette. This would be very pretty done in white with gold beads or multi-colored beads, too. How to add […]

Tatted Carnation

This little bit of tatted fluff was fun to put together. The flower itself is only just over 1″ wide (4cm), so you can use it in lots of fun places. Try putting it on clothing, a hat, or to decorate a gift package. This pattern was tatted with size 20 Flora thread. It is […]

Tatted Jack O’Lantern Bookmark

This is a sample pattern from my book, “Tat’s Where I Stopped: A Year of Tatted Bookmarks”. Carving pumpkins in October was one of our favorite family traditions when my children were small. The kids would draw their designs, then we’d vote on which to use. This bookmark with three Jack O’ Lantern faces is […]

Tatted Clover Flower Edging

I’ve been tatting for over 20 years and I’m still learning. In fact, I have a LOT to learn. This month I taught myself how to make an tatted “onion ring” using Georgia Seitz’s excellent instructions. An onion ring is a series of rings that encircle each other. I had originally wanted to do this […]

Allison Tatted Edging

Add the bead to this edging in the same manner as with the “Heather” edging, except join using the shuttle thread instead of the working thread. Printable pattern (73K. Opens a new window.) Patterns are available for download as a PDF file and are readable by using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader free. Instructions: ds […]

Tatted Collar for an Infant

Recently, someone on the tatting lists online asked where they could find a tatted collar for a little girl. Well, I looked and looked and could only find collars for adults. So I thought I’d put one together. Besides, it will be fun for me to add this to something for my granddaughter. This pattern […]


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Look for more free tatting patterns on page 1.
Look for more free tatting patterns on page 3.
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