Mom's red, white and blue quilt top

My 2019 big project

My mother created 50+ quilts in her lifetime.  For years, she just kept the tops in a closet, but then she learned about longarm quilting machines.  She researched and found one she liked, then got busy quilting.  Her goal was to get all her quilts done before she died.

But Mom wasn’t satisfied with finishing quilt tops.  She made more!  She always had something going, and most of the time, it was pretty spectacular.  I have a lot of photos of her work, and I plan on spending some time putting them up in their own section of this site.  But that will take me a while.

She had an incredible output, and quilted up until the day before she passed away almost three years ago.  Unfortunately, she didn’t quite reach her goal.  Out of the 30+ tops she started with, there were still six left to go.  It was quite an accomplishment!

Before she passed, I promised her that I would finish those last quilt tops for her.  And I’ve been completely daunted and overwhelmed.  So I haven’t yet.  BUT 2019 is the year.  I will get one done every other month so that by December I’ll have them all finished.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So my method of operation is to put the quilt on my design wall and think about it for a while.  Today, Bruce helped me put up the first quilt top.  Isn’t it a beauty?  Well, if I could take a better picture.  The dark areas are all blue.

Mom was born on July 4, and she just loved patriotic themes.  She loved it when we went down into Washington, D.C. for concerts by the armed forces bands.  Since she passed, I cry every time I hear the national anthem.  Well, I kind of did anyway, but I’m more likely to do it now.

I have one other quilt I need to finish before I quilt this one, so I’d better get busy!

2 thoughts on “My 2019 big project

  1. My mother-in-law (also coincidentally born on the fourth of July) was an amazing quilter too. She didn’t begin quilting until she had retired from a career of nursing (and also teaching nursing @ university); consequently, her 33 full-sized quilts created by the time she was 94 amazed me. On top of that, they were all traditional quilts so each piece and all the quilting were done by hand. Her 34th quilt was a 9 Patch Variation, and that she sent to me to finish as her hands were too arthritic for her to quilt as she had. I haven’t tackled it yet, but do hope to try to do it justice one of these days. In addition to all the full-sized quilts she completed, she quilted wall-hangings, table runners, vests, purses, etc. and I don’t have a full record of all of those. Unfortunately, her only daughter didn’t appreciate her artwork (as her quilts are truly museum quality pieces of art); therefore, I was the recipient of the book she kept (with photos of her quilts and also notes about them). I feel honored by her gift. Therefore, your big project for your mother’s quilts touches me.


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