Eyes and a recipe

THANK YOU for all your kind thoughts and prayers for me!  I’m grateful, and I’m always touched by the kindness tatters show to one another.

Here’s an update on what’s going on with my eyes.  I ended up going to a doctor who specializes in the retina, and he took some fancy pictures.  One is a cross section of the macula (the point on the retina where we see the center part of our vision), and there’s where he found the trouble.  Apparently, the goober (technical term…ha!) inside the eye often shrinks as we age, and sometimes it sticks to the retina.  When that happens, it can pull on the retina, and tear a hole in the macula.  And that’s what has happened with me.

He told me one of three things can happen.  It can get better on its own, it can stay the same, or it can get worse.  Surprise!  *sigh*

So, he’s not doing anything for now and I’ll go see him again in July.  He’ll take more fancy pictures, and we’ll see how it’s progressing.  If it’s getting worse, I may need surgery.

But what this means for now is that doing detailed work is not aggravating the problem.  I can do my daily stuff without fear of making it worse.  I asked him if there’s anything I can do to help, and he said no.  But my regular doctor gave me some supplements that support the eye, so maybe that will help in some way.

On another note, here’s a little recipe I whipped up the other day.

Usually, when I make pizza at home I use spaghetti sauce and add extra spices because canned sauce can be too bland.  I didn’t want to open a can of sauce just for one pizza last night, so I made up my own.  This recipe made enough for three 14-inch pizzas.  And to be honest, I’m guessing at the amounts of the spices.  I usually just pour the spices in my hand, crush them a bit, and add them to whatever it is I’m cooking.  It’s very likely that I actually added more spice than this recipe suggests, so you may want to taste the sauce and adjust the amounts.

Nancy’s pizza sauce (not Italian…her ancestry is English and Welsh)

1 8-oz can tomato sauce
1 small can tomato paste
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp dried oregano
1-1/2 tsp dried basil
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes (more if you like a little fire)
1/8 tsp black pepper

Stir all the ingredients together.  This makes a thick, tomato-y sauce that tasted great.  I may just use this very time from now on.

And… I’ve finished my nephew’s quilt!  I secured the areas of torn fabric with a tight zig-zag, and I added a new binding.  It looks considerably better.

Next–finish my step-daughter’s quilt, and I need to get hustling on it.

Best wishes,

23 thoughts on “Eyes and a recipe

  1. Nancy, I have had eye surgery on both my eyes. It is scary to think about but if it cames to eye surgery, they really are easy. I found the fancy pictures of my eyes worse then the surgery. I’m hoping you will not have to have surgery but if you do, you’ll do just fine.


  2. Thank you for sharing this information with us. It is always a bit scary to have vision problems due to aging but I guess we all go through it. Nice to know that you can continue doing what you love without making it worse. I’m enjoying tatting the little round box with lid so think of you often.


  3. Nancy they can do fantastic things with eyes, I have had cancer in my eye, they killed off the tumour but now I am getting fluid in my eyes, I have had three injections which worked only for the fluid to come back and I am starting another set of injections at the end of June. I also have a membrane in the eye, to be honest I hope they don’t operate as its peeling off seleotape off tissue paper. I have had lots of fancy photos and scans, I am sure that whatever he decides to do, he will do his best for your eyes. Hope your next appointment goes well


  4. Nancy, I too have had eye surgery on one eye (more than once). I have Coates disease in my left eye. This is caused by the blood vessels in the eye leaking fluid (not blood) into the eye and displacing the retina. I can barely get further than half the fourth line on an eye chart with my left eye, but my right eye works fine. I was diagnosed with this in 2002 and I continued to cross-stitch and do everything I’ve always done and in that time, I actually started to learn to tat. The only stipulation my specialist told me to make was to start wearing sun-glasses (I never had before) and to always wear safety glasses around mechanical equipment or just completely stay away from things like people mowing etc. The good eye gets all the precious care when the other eye starts having problems.
    The only thing I have had problems with is depth perception – it took me quite awhile to be able to fill a pot of tea without over or under filling it. Also night vision, it’s almost non-existent and if it is there, it takes awhile to work. Walking at night when it’s badly lit can mean that what looks like shadows can be dips in the ground and I might step over a ‘dip’ only to realise it’s a shadow! Overhanging branches and shrubs next to paths can also be a problem at night and glaring light, especially while driving and doubly so if it’s been raining. Thankfully I rarely have to drive at night, let alone in wet weather at night.

    Good luck with your eye, I’m sure you’ll be fine and continue on as you are, there will be some small adjustments, but nothing that can’t be overcome 🙂


  5. So glad you can continue your regular activities without causing damage and supplements can’t hurt either. Encouraging. Pizza sauce sounds good too. I will give it a try.


  6. Nancy, my husband has had issues with his eyes, he had a detached retina in his right eye a few years ago, they did surgery, recently put in a new lens, and now it is fine. He has had his left eye act up in early May, luckily he recognized the signs and got in to the hospital right away, where they did laser on it. He still has to wear glasses, but not so strong, he is not used to being able to get reader’s off the shelf. He has had glasses since he was a young boy. This age thing sucks, doesn’t it? I wish you well.


  7. Hello Nancy didn’t have a chance to read your previous post. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with your eyes because I might have the same problem. My eyes always ? crying and my ophthalmologist told me that there’s nothing she can do for now. Thank you and good luck?


  8. Hi Nancy so sorry to hear of your eye problem. As on other lady said eyes don’t always have well. I loved all your beautiful batting that I used to look at, but you inspired me to try it out. I love it so easy and relaxing. All that and only one tool in the hands. Miss your work and wish you well. God bless. Sheila Chorley.


  9. My friend had the same thing. She opted for the surgery right away. A doctor in Omaha, Ne She is doing great now. It had been very painful for her. She is doing great now as I said, I am sure she would give me more info if you wanted it.


  10. I, too, am getting over “Back of the eye” surgery, – and it sounds like we had similar problems, with the “whatever” stuck onto the retina and unable to be removed. My surgeon did the cataract too, while he was there, but I have not had an eye test yet – another 2 weeks before I see him again.
    I have been able to do some tatting, and finished the mat from a Russian pattern, and I have started on small squares for a sleeveless vest – again a Russian Pattern. Good thing their numbers are written the same as ours!! And their diagram is OK too. I need about 75 squares, – at Least!
    Get well quickly.
    Liz, in Melbourne.


  11. my mother (89) has glaucoma and she take Lutin supplements along with her meds to help support the eye. I hope that all will be better in July.


  12. Nancy,

    I’ve been doing fancy pressure tests and photographs of my retina in an attempt to stave off glaucoma. I’m so lucky to have an eye doctor who has watched this with me closely, for over 25 years. As we’re both nearing the time to contemplate retirement, he said he would have to go part time, keeping only his favorite patients. And he said yes, that I was a favorite he’d keep! Good luck with your future tests, etc. DH had cataract surgery, which scared the liver out of him, but he came through it pretty well. The thought of someone operating on your eye is overwhelming though. Do take care of yourself and let us know how things are coming along.

    Heidi in MN


  13. Nancy,
    Will keep you in our prayers. It can be frightening but have faith. I use my eyes a lot as do all kinds of stitching and reading so I know what you are feeling. Last Feb. and Mar. could not focus so reading, stitching was out of the question. The eye surgeon gave a good report and eventually I was able to focus. Keep up the faith.


  14. Thank you for the update! Scary for sure, but hope it fixes itself. Sounds like you have a great eye doctor which is half the battle. Hope it works out well for you.


  15. Nancy, I am just getting over cataract surgery on my left eye, it went well, right eye is scheduled for November 16, 2017. I developed shingles in one spot on my back which delayed surgery. My oldest daughter had to have a cornea replacement from a donor, due to shingles getting in her eye.
    I pray you are doing well with your eyes by now. I am seldom on line, but always look forward to anything you post. Thank You for Sharing your Blessed Talent. (Ruth Ann Adams) Euless, Texas


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