New free tatting pattern!

Hi all! I finally have a free pattern for you.  Remember my post about the lid?  Here’s the entire box along with the pattern.

Click here to go to the pattern for the Tatted Box

This is a free pattern.  However, many of the patterns I will post from here on out will be “premium” patterns and will be for sale for a small amount.  This helps defray the cost of having this site.

I still remember that I need to do the last row of the triangle doily I was working on before we closed the store.  I promise I’ll get that to you!  It will be a free pattern.

Hope you enjoy the tatted box!

Happy tatting

20 thoughts on “New free tatting pattern!

  1. what a darling pattern, anxious to try it and I miss your monthly patterns too.! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank you for all the patterns you have shared over the years. I have been following your newsletters for a long time. I live in an isolated part of Queensland, Australia and enjoy getting the newsletters and patterns. I’ve enjoyed your trips and photos you have shared with us all. This little box is going to be on my daughters wedding table. Not sure how many yet.


  3. Dear Nancy,
    I’m a beginner and i would like to ask about the third round od the Mom’s Pink Doily. Is it made with one thread? I don’t understand how are the bare spaces made and if i have to use two shuttles or just one. Could you please give me some advice? I would be really grateful.


  4. The third row is made with one shuttle and the bare spaces are short lengths of thread that are left between rings. So if the pattern tells you to tat one ring then leave a 1/4″ space, it means that when you start the next ring you should leave 1/4″ of thread between the new ring and the previous ring.

    I really need to redo this pattern. It’s one of the first patterns I ever drew out, and there are a few things about it that are unclear, including the 1/4″ space wording.


  5. Thank you Nancy for sharing the pattern! That will be a summer project in Oregon, still in Yuma, AZ , out tatting group has had several,project going , some of us are doing the icedrops. I have never tatted with beads but will start at class tomorrow! Some of us are going
    No tomtT a zipper pull,that has beads in it. I too miss y our news letters! Thanks you so much for sharing , Allyce


  6. I’m not a needle tatter, so I can’t be 100% sure. But I am 95% sure it can be tatted with a needle. 🙂 I purposely used simple rings and chains.


  7. I am a needle tatter and I have had no problem working this project. My only confusion is on the the last row of the bottom section the directions say 5ds,p,10ds,p,5ds but the diagram says 4ds? Other than that this has been a fun project to work. Thank you for sharing Nancy.


  8. Pam, maybe you’d like to link up with Queensland Tatters. We have a quarterly newsletter which contains local news and ideas. (The original idea for the tatted box was from a Queenslander.)


  9. I love your boxes . You just have me a great idea on some fabric boxes I make thank you for the pattern


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